Most of our land acquisition efforts begin with our bespoke, proprietary software package. This machine-learning algorithm identifies potentially undervalued or underdeveloped pieces of land. Then our highly trained team of operators get to work.

They really do their homework, generating feasibility studies, checking the land use, local national scale policies and they make sure that we can add a substantial amount of value to the site by our efforts. Then and only then do we contact the site owner.


Finally, we offer the site owner the best deal structure we possibly can, sensitive both to profitability and their particular needs. Some site owners choose to join in as Joint Venture partners, others prefer an outright purchase and still others prefer option agreements. We also offer advice to help them chose the best win-win scenario.

Award-winning 71,000 sqm “Rozadol” development in Bratislava, comprised of 255 apartments and 30 commercial units.

​​This is yet another part of the Rozadol project and one which really demonstrates the range of both the project and of its designers. 


As you can see, the shape of the building is particularly arresting. Here we had plenty of scopes to work with and focused much more on delivering an amazing design than on simply serving up the maximum sellable area for the plot.