We create living spaces which enhance nature and the wellbeing of their occupants and visitors. Our goal is to create a community where people can thrive and dream!

M&D Properties is a property development company with a twist.


We have vast experience in value creation in the different property segments.

However, we only develop and add value to sites with which we’ve arranged exclusive deals. It’s not that we can’t take the competition, but rather that our business model relies upon a unique inhouse technology that can see what others have missed. We invest our own time, money, and resources in sites and people we believe have the potential to grow with us. 

Therefore, you won’t find our sites on any online platforms or via any estate agent. 

We bring a combined experience of over 40 years to the table, as well as a portfolio of developed sites ranging from single dwellings to multi-storey mix-use developments in the £300m range.


What M&D Properties Investment really offers is win/win/win scenarios for three primary types of clients:

  • We get site owners the best possible price for their land, without the expense or complexity of working through the market. 

  • We give property developers access to off-market sites and opportunities which would otherwise have remained hidden. 

  • We offer investors a much higher than typical ROI by avoiding the delays, expenses and endless middle-men of the market.


It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

- Napolean Hill



 We specialise in spotting pieces of land which might never reach their full potential and we bring the expertise and capital to make landowners’ maximise their land value.



The main thing holding so many of thee sites back is a lack of truly creative expertise at the planning stage. Getting this right is like turning a key and unlocking the site hidden value.

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When the time to put shovels to earth finally arrives, we know what it takes to turn an unassuming patch of land into the types of buildings people can really call ‘home’.



A unique and completely proprietary algorithm using the most advanced machine learning techniques lies at the heart of our operation, and is behind the incredible ROI we can offer everyone who is part of our projects. Our algorithm seeks out off-market properties and identifies those with the highest money-making potential. We then forge relationships with the owners, as well as developers and investors.



We cater to clients on all points of the risk/reward spectrum. For those looking for high risk, high reward opportunities, we provide planning uplift projects. For those looking for a moderate return, we offer more traditional property development ventures. Finally, for those looking for stability and steady growth, we suggest buy-to-let or flat development opportunities. 



Acquiring off-market land with incredible development potential has always been our speciality and the backbone of our most successful projects. We have had a great deal of success buying hotels, resorts and similar properties and turning them into something completely new. We choose well, we plan responsibly and we build properly – with massive profits for everyone involved.

Luxury Bathroom

Turning Technology and Experience into Real Value for All of Our Partners & Clients

We offer Joint Venture status to homeowners and landowners who can bring more than £500,000 worth of value to the table. This often brings much higher rewards than an outright sale to a property developer would.

Someone Flying Business Class

We Bring the Right Tools to Bear – Even When That ‘Tool’ is a Corporate Jet

We’ve been at this for a very long time, and have a wider array of physical assets than one might imagine. The ability to travel the world to visit sites and meet with clients can be key when commercial travel is inconvenient.